Sheet metal Sheet metal

Zapytaj o produkty


Hot rolled sheets according to PN-EN 10088-2

Cold-rolled sheets according to PN-EN 10088-2

Chequer plates according to DIN 17440


Hot rolled sheets, thickness 0.4 mm – 8.0 mm

Cold-rolled sheets, thickness 2.0 mm – 60.0 mm

Chequer plates, thickness 3.0 mm – 5.0 mm


Hot rolled sheets 1.43011.45411.45711.44041.40161.4828

Cold-rolled sheets 1.43011.45411.45711.4404

Chequer plates 1.4301


With test report type 2.2 according to EN 10204

Inspection certificate type 3.1 according to EN 10204 by agreement


We supply the above-mentioned steel sheets:

  • as plates
  • on coils, 1000 mm, 1250 mm, 1500mm, 2000mm
  • as sheet metal blanks cut from coil with 4 – 12 mm thickness and up to 12 m length
  • thin sheets 0.5 – 3.00 mm cut lengthwise (coils)

The steel sheets are available in the following sizes:

1000×2000, 1250×2500, 1500×3000, 1500×6000, 2000×4000, 2000×6000

Surface types:

Cold-rolled sheets (2B, IIIC) thickness 0.5 mm – 6.0 mm
– glossy (BA, 2R, IIID), thickness 0.5 mm – 3.00 mm
– ground (grain 240, 4TK) thickness 0.5 mm – 3.0 mm
Hot rolled sheets (1, IIa) thickness 3.0 mm – 12.0 mm
– Quatro (1, IIa)
– thickness with grooves 3.0 mm – 5.0 mm

On customer’s request we also realize orders for other formats and surface types.


Cold- and hot-rolled stainless steel sheets of various types are used in all branches of industry, e.g. mechanical engineering, aviation, shipping, automotive, electronics and plastics processing.

Construction – constructions, parapets and railings, air conditioning systems, insulation.

Mechanical engineering – household appliances, kitchen equipment.

Electrical engineering – lighting, power equipment, electronic devices.

Transport – vehicles, road infrastructure, railways, car parts.

Chemical industry – refineries, petrochemical plants. Food industry – tanks, containers, silos, dairies, bakeries and breweries.

Shipbuilding industry – due to sea salt and difficult conditions, stainless steel sheets are widely used here.

All proposals for the use or processing of steel are of exemplary character. Detailed technical information (e.g. about chemical composition) can be found in the relevant standards (PN, EN, ISO, DIN, ASTM).

Additional information:

We also provide the following services:

Cutting of coils into sheet plates, plate thickness from 0.5 to 12 mm

Cutting coils into slit strips, sheet thickness from 0.5 mm to 4 mm, width from 15 mm to 1530 mm

Laser cutting of sheet plates with the size 2000 mm x 6000 mm

Bending with guillotine shears up to 8 m


  • in order to avoid discolouration, the maximum grinding temperature is 200°C
  • peripheral speed of the grinding wheel/belt from 20 to 80 m/s
  • coarse grinding with grain size approx. 40, peripheral speed 25-60 m/s, fine grinding with grain size 80-120, peripheral speed 12-15 m/s 


  • in order to avoid discolouration, the maximum grinding temperature is 200°C
  • grain size 180-800 


  • PE film 

Polishing and grinding of steel profiles

Square and rectangular steel profiles can be polished and ground in all dimensions

Granules P80; 120, 180, 240, 320, 400, 600, 800, 1200

High gloss polishing

Pipe lengths from 1 m to 6 m


Additional grades and performance standards can be agreed upon when ordering.

Shipping documents:

  • Invoicing by seller
  • Guarantee of origin
  • WZ, CMR, consignment note

Inspection certificate type 3.1, stamped and signed, issued for each melt, original